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residential PROJECT


The detached villa, originally built in the 1980s, underwent a complete Studio Eliste Make-Over and renovation. Key aspects of the timeless yet modern interior design approach and renovation process were inspired by the old-school charms of the villa’s architecture. Adaptations, only done with great care and where needed: A more open, modern, and light-filled living area as well as a new layout and composition of the bathrooms are among the essential changes. The focus of Studio Eliste’s eclectic interior style, lay on Mid-Century pieces, allowing them to shine amongst classic elements and organic forms. Curved Amphores and contoured components, like black industry-style steel doors, are building up an evocative contrapuntal, on the elegant ground of a subtle beige color palette with accents in dark blue and olive tones. A house full of design character, that doesn’t lose its homey feeling.


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